• The Gypsy in My Heart
  • The Gypsy in My Heart
  • The Gypsy in My Heart
  • The Gypsy in My Heart
  • The Gypsy in My Heart

The Gypsy in My Heart


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The Gypsy in My Heart. The ones inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life. Coming and going. Love and Lost.

This is an original, ink on paper, drawing that Sean produced for his show "The Essence of Life and Line". The paper measures 19.5" x 27.5", is signed and shipped flat.

See more about this show and pictures from the opening reception here. There is also a short film created from the opening reception that you can watch here.


Dictionary Definition of a Gypsy:


[jip-see]  Show IPA noun, plural Gyp·sies,adjective
  1. a member of a nomadic, Caucasoid people of generallyswarthy complexion, who migrated originally from India,settling in various parts of Asia, Europe, and, most recently,North America.
  2. Romany; the language of the Gypsies.
  3. lowercase ) a person held to resemble a gypsy, especiallyin physical characteristics or in a traditionally ascribedfreedom or inclination to move from place to place.
  4. lowercase ) Informal . gypsy cab.
  5. lowercase ) Informal . an independentusually nonuniontrucker, hauler, operator, etc.

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