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The Final Expression


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"After a rush of create moments, days and days with out sleep and constantly coming face to face with my deepest darkest emotions to finish the artwork for my "The Essence of Life and Line" show, I wanted to create one final piece that did not come from a picture or a reference. I wanted to create something that was from the insanity that was developed while creating the rest of the artwork for the show. This is what you see here. Almost a self portrait. One last piece. One last mental push." - Sean Martorana

This is an original, ink on paper, drawing that Sean produced for his show "The Essence of Life and Line". The paper measures 19.5" x 27.5", is signed and shipped flat.

See more about this show and pictures from the opening reception here. There is also a short film created from the opening reception that you can watch here.

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