• Playing with Patterns While Speaking to the Masters

    Posted on February 24 2020

    As I design patterns I explore ways that they can be used and looked at in different ways to investigate their effect with new eyes. Recently I've been wrapping sculptures...

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  • Embellished Eames Shell Armchair

    Posted on October 08 2019

    I recently painted an iconic Eames Shell Armchair in collaboration with Herman Miller Philadelphia for their ANNUAL MODERN CLASSIC for Design Philadelphia at the Center for Architecture + Design. This chair will be...

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  • Flourish : Murals

    Posted on July 17 2017

    How do you make a space your own?     Figuring out how to give a space a voice that reflects your own sensibilities—one that inspires creativity and frames great...

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  • #SignsofSolidarity

    Posted on January 31 2017

    On January 20, 2017 throughout Philadelphia & Atlanta artists and organizers are hanging large banners that display messages of love and inclusivity to stand in opposition to hate. On January 20th,...

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  • How to Price Your Art / Why Some Art Costs What it Does

    Posted on April 19 2016

       This was originally posted on Curate This is an incredible look into the world of artists, creatives and their supporters. Please visit and explore, follow and support the the great...

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  • The Kidnapping of Athena.

    Posted on October 22 2015

    The Great Horned Owl. This was posted to Facebook on October 15, 2015 at 12:00pm as a letter describing the full situation around one of my works of art that...

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  • My Mind is at War and I am Addicted to Creativity.

    Posted on October 18 2015

      Picture taken in the studio October 26, 2014 by Colleen Stepanian Photography   It's a Tuesday evening, 6:00pm. I get back to the STUDiO after a day of emails, phone calls,...

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