• Flourish : Murals

    Posted on July 17 2017

    How do you make a space your own?     Figuring out how to give a space a voice that reflects your own sensibilities—one that inspires creativity and frames great...

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  • Scenes from the IHA:ZINE Exhibition

    Posted on June 06 2017

       I always get excited when a bunch of creatives get together to create something that is truly unique and special. It’s incredible how every contribution from both artists and...

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  • ...After the Storm

    Posted on March 29 2017

    I was asked to do a commission for a home by a couple and the first thing they said is that they want to fill a specific space above their couch...

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  • #SignsofSolidarity

    Posted on January 31 2017

    On January 20, 2017 throughout Philadelphia & Atlanta artists and organizers are hanging large banners that display messages of love and inclusivity to stand in opposition to hate. On January 20th,...

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  • Process of the beginning of Dark Matter

    Posted on June 08 2016

    In my many years of curating and producing shows I find that some of the best stuff out there is hidden. They are projects that artists have been picking at...

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  • An Empathetic Creative

    Posted on May 10 2016

    This was originally posted to Instagram on April 10, 2016. I don’t talk about the meaning behind a lot of my artwork, but leave it to Darla Jackson to pull it...

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  • If Mike Didn’t Draw It, It Doesn’t Matter

    Posted on April 21 2016

    Read the full interview on Curate This. This was originally written for and posted on their incredible platform. Be sure to cruise through their website and read in depth look to...

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  • How to Price Your Art / Why Some Art Costs What it Does

    Posted on April 19 2016

       This was originally posted on Curate This is an incredible look into the world of artists, creatives and their supporters. Please visit and explore, follow and support the the great...

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  • A Collaboration Between Artist and Model and 4000 miles in between

    Posted on April 13 2016

    I am always ready to collaborate with somebody. While I feel solo projects allow me to express myself in it’s purest form, collaborations bring something else out in me. You...

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  • RJ Metrics Gets Personal with Their Mural

    Posted on March 07 2016

    Creating the RJMetrics Mural The Inception Soon after RJMetrics, one of Philly's fastest-growing startups, moved into their new offices in the Widener Building, I was contacted by their Lead Graphic...

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  • Lairs of Self

    Posted on February 26 2016

    Lairs of Self (Process) from Masce on Vimeo. DesignPhiladelphia Festival presented Lairs of Self in Everyday Life as the official closing installation held on October 17, 2014 at the Crane...

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  • The Kidnapping of Athena.

    Posted on October 22 2015

    The Great Horned Owl. This was posted to Facebook on October 15, 2015 at 12:00pm as a letter describing the full situation around one of my works of art that...

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  • I want to talk about Adam Teterus...

    Posted on October 18 2015

      Photo taken May 1, 2015 during the Dark Matter Opening reception at Indy Hall.   I want to talk about Adam Teterus, (@adjoterus) pictured on the right, standing beside @MichaelNorcross....

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  • My Mind is at War and I am Addicted to Creativity.

    Posted on October 18 2015

      Picture taken in the studio October 26, 2014 by Colleen Stepanian Photography   It's a Tuesday evening, 6:00pm. I get back to the STUDiO after a day of emails, phone calls,...

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