About Sean Martorana

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Portrait Artist Sean Martorana

I live to create. My artwork reveals the energy that lies beneath the surface of my subjects and shows how that energy connects all things and beings. In my work, I deconstruct the human and animal form, elements of nature, machines, and physical existence. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the human figure, animal bodies, varied flora, geometric shapes, weapons, and warriors, my work transforms familiar subjects into conceptual representations, coursing with the energy and emotion that I believe are living beneath the surface of everything I see. To take this endeavor a step further, my work exists in numerous media and applications.

I explore my distinct style on two-dimensional surfaces as well as with jewelry and clothing designs, etched wine glasses, large-scale multi-media installations, and experience design. The possible applications of my work are undefined due to my desire to experiment endlessly with new subjects and media in a distinct style. 

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