How to Hang Your Large Textile Prints

Posted on April 29 2021


"When I started to sell large textile prints, they were large enough that I felt I also needed to offer ways to hang the large works of art.

As with frames, hanging a tapestry or large textile piece can add to the work and be an important part on the decor and atmosphere of any space.  

So here are a few options that I have used in the past. 

But ultimately, this can be your contribution to the piece.
Be creative. Be mindful of the work and have fun installing your works of art."

- Sean

Shop Large Textile Prints Here.
About the prints: 45" x 60" Giclee Prints on 100% Certified Organic Cotton


How to hang your tapestry:

There are many ways to hang these prints.
With no wrong way, feel free to get creative.
Here are some ideas to get you started.



Well Made Tapestry Hangers

These will be available on this site soon. But in the mean time you can order off of the Well Made website. Sean's recommendation is:

  • 47"
  • Top and bottom pieces (top alone is fine too)
  • Black
  • Black Oxide Hardware

They also have magnetic bars but I have NOT tried them with the textile prints offered on this website.



Large Textile Hanging Tapestry Wall Art WellMade  


Ordering the many options on Etsy. 

Rope Hangers, clamps and bars made and sold from small businesses that you can't go wrong. You can seriously shop there all day.

The great thing with this option is there are so many colors, materials and ways to hang your artwork that you can really match the aesthetic of your space.


Tapestry hangers for Sean Martorana's Large Textile Art Print Wall Hangings Decor




Bulldog Clips 

This can be very cost effective and give an industrial look. You may need a few of these to go across the top. With these you can us pushpins or nails to hang the bulldog clips from not to puncture the fabric/ artwork.

Sean Martorana Textile Tapestry Wall Art Bulldog Clip Hanging 




Large Tapestry Textile Wall Hanging Interior Decor Art and Design 

 Magnatack Sean Martorana Textile Art and Design Wall Hanging Interior Decor


Hang it from a curtain rod with clips 

Sean Martorana Textile Tapestry Wall Art Curtain Rod Clip Hanging 


Use Pushpins or Upholstery Nails

This will of course puncture the fabric / artwork. But that is left up to you and your creativity. This can be tacked to a stretcher, solid board or directly to the wall. Upholstery nails tend to be thicker, which means bigger holes, but can come in many different styles. These stainless steel tacks are a staple in our STUDiO.



You can get it framed.

That's right. Just because it's fabric doesn't mean you can't put it in a frame. Due to it's size, it is recommended you find a local framer to make something custom for you. But be careful it could cost 4x as much as the print.

Sean Martorana Painting Framed Textile Tapestry Interior Decor Art and Design


DIY Tapestry Straps w/ Magnets 

Tapestry Straps DIY Interior Decor Wall Hanging Art and Design Textile Prints



Painting Dio Nobile by Sean Martorana Lion's Head Tapestry Textile Art Print Interior Decor Design

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