Private Mural Commission - Sparrows

Posted on September 24 2018

Sparrows Mural by Sean Martorana

I recently finished a mural at a private residence in South Philadelphia. On the staircase in their home they have a landing that looked out to a blank stucco wall and a small roof. An uninspiring view that the owner saw a great opportunity.

After discussing themes and going over comps and renderings, I stopped in while they were away on vacation to paint the wall with imagery that spoke to symbols of their family. A gift and a surprise to his wife  and kids for when they returned home. 

You can check out a process video below as well as on Instagram. If you really want to dive deep into the process I collected even more behind the scenes footage in the highlights on my Insta profile page.
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Sparrows Private Commission Mural by Sean Martorana from Sean Martorana on Vimeo.

Process video of Sean Martorana painting a mural at a private residence in South Philadelphia.


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